Bringing 45 years of combined business experience to your digital marketing

I work with businesses that understand the value of their online presence.

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Bringing 45 years of combined business experience to your digital marketing

I grew up and spent my youth and much of my adult life in Vancouver, BC. About 20 years ago I moved to Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada situated off the east coast. My business is based in Summerside PEI and consists of myself and a select few remote assistants.

I have been in business for 45 years and bring a wealth of experience starting and growing businesses of all types. My life is largely my business.

Over my 45 years experience I have

  • worked in the family greenhouse business growing ornamentals
  • worked as a flower buyer at Vancouver’s Dutch Clock Auction for a multi-store chain
  • owned and operated a garden supply manufacturing company creating custom house brand products for garden centres
  • owned and operated a sign and screenprinting shop
  • owner and operated a number of hair salons
  • 15 years ago opened my current business, a digital marketing agency

I believe that I can use my 45 years of business experience to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners gain traction in the digital marketing era.

I have always been curious. I research and read constantly, educating myself on the world around me. I am also intensely interested in people, forming connections to better understand their needs.

I believe the greatest thing we as humans do is to provide service to others. Unlike those who think that service to others is restricted to charity work, I believe that every time we go to work, if we are giving our best, and regardless of how “important” our work is, we are providing service to others. That is why I place great value on work and why I do everything possible to provide the very best service to my clients.

On a personal note, much as I am interested in my fellow humans and my work, my love is animals, particularly dogs. I am happy to say my canine companion, who’s name is Luna, is a beautiful cross between a Shih Tzu and a standard poodle. She is about 80 lbs and she is the love of my life. Dogs bring out the best in us! The relationships between ourselves and our dogs are the most beautiful examples of symbiotic relationships.

I am always interested in chatting with others, so feel free to drop me a line – doesn’t have to be about business, whatever is on your mind.


Ever worked with an online company that took forever to get back to you?

Well that won’t happen with me. I know that when you contact me most likely you are having a problem or concern and minutes feel like hours until you are reassured.

Available 8am-11pm EST (UTC-5) 7 days per week. Existing clients will be called back within 1 hr, guaranteed. New inquiries within 4 hrs.

45 years of business and digital marketing experience

I have been in the website & digital marketing business for 15 years

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